Traits of good private driving instructors in Singapore

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I was a private learner driver and took up private driving lessons with a Singapore private driving instructor. I was lucky to be able to find a good private driving instructor through a Singapore private driving instructor match up agency. Hence, I passed my practical test on my first try. The quality of the driving instructor really matters a lot. There is a saying the goes, “if the mentor is good, the disciple will be good too.”

However, I have read a lot of horror stories on the internet written by learner drivers. They described their experiences of engaging mediocre instructors. While so much have been said and discussed about the qualities of bad driving instructors, I would like to point out the traits of good private driving instructors in Singapore.

1. Polite and friendly
The character of the person matters a lot. From their character and the way they treat you, you will have a sense of whether the private driving instructor genuinely cares for you. If he does, he will teach you driving techniques properly.

2. Knowledgeable
Of course, in order for the private driving instructors in Singapore to be of value, they must know their stuffs – driving knowledge and skills. A good way to see if the private driving instructor knows his stuffs is to observe his responses when you ask him driving-related questions. He should be able to respond to your questions fast, assertively, and in much detail.

3. Responsible
If the private driving instructors spot any of your mistakes, he will make it a point to rectify them. He feels responsible to train his students well. If the students learn slow, he will make them repeat the driving techniques till they get it right. He will make sure the students know how to drive a car properly in all types of situations.

Few Singapore private driving instructors are flexible with pick ups

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There is a common question learner drivers ask the private driving instructors: whether they are able to pick them up at any location the learner drivers desire. In the past, the private driving instructors provided this service. It had delighted a lot of learner drivers. However, due to a variety of reasons, the private driving instructors are not offering this value-added service anymore.

Most, if not all of them, standardizes the pick up location. For private learner drivers taking practical tests at Ubi ComfortDelgro Driving Center, the common pick up points are either Eunos Mrt or at the coffeeshop beside Ubi ComfortDelgro Driving Center. For private learner drivers taking practical tests at Singapore Safety Driving Center, the common pick up point is at the bus stop opposite Admiralty MRT Station. For private learner drivers taking practical tests at Bukit Batok Driving Center, the common pick up point is at the carpark behind the Bukit Gombak MRT Station.

pick up locations

The reasons why the private driving instructors are not offering the flexible pick up services are:

1. Standardization of the pick up point will enable the private driving instructors to teach more learner drivers. As private driving instructors pick up and drop off learner drivers at the same location, traveling time from different pick up points are eliminated. Hence, the driving instructors are able to schedule back to back lessons for the learner drivers. The learner drivers will be required to travel to the specified pick up point. In the way, the traveling need has been passed from the private driving instructors to the learner drivers.

2. There may be long unnecessary traveling time spent to get to training routes from the pick up points specified by the learner drivers.

3. Elimination of traveling time between different pick up points will directly translate into higher productivity and money earned for the driving instructors.

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Propositions of driving match up agencies in Singapore

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What are driving match up agencies in Singapore, and what do they do?

If you have not taken any driving lessons in Singapore, chances are that you will not know about these driving match up agencies in Singapore. Driving match up agencies do niche marketing to learner drivers.

Driving match up agencies are Singapore agencies that operate with the sole purpose of matching up learner drivers to private driving instructors. Most of them carry out their operations with only a website and a mobile phone. No physical presence is needed. For example, no physical shops and stalls to entertain walk-in customers.

Learner drivers who are looking for private driving instructors will come across them on the internet, in the form of banner advertisements or search results. For instance, learner drivers will chance upon SGLearnToDrive on the internet when they search for Singapore private driving instructors.

There are a lot of driving match up agencies with the same propositions:

1. Able to provide learner drivers with suitable private driving instructors within two days.
2. First lesson with the private driving instructors will be immediately confirmed upon payment of the registration fee. Currently, the registration fee is $60.
3. If the learner drivers find the instructors unsuitable, they can request for a change. Usually, change of instructors are carried out without the learner drivers having to pay a second registration fee to the second driving instructor.
4. The services of the driving match up agencies are free of charge! No payments to the driving match up agencies are required.
5. The private driving instructors are certified and registered with the driving centers.

For zero service fee, the driving match up agencies will be able to provide learner drivers with private driving instructors free-of-charge! It is definitely a good deal. Learner drivers can either find the instructors themselves or seek the help of these agencies, at the same cost. It is not difficult to find out the smart choice.

Get only the best private driving instructors in Singapore

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I am a person who highly values quality. Between an expensive, high quality product and a cheap, low quality product, I will always choose to buy the former. This is because I believe the high quality product will bring me more value – in terms of both durability and style. Likewise, I will strongly encourage everyone to learn only from the best private driving instructors in Singapore. Trust me. You will benefit from the high quality teaching.

Good private driving instructors can spend less time to teach you more valuable lessons. On the other hand, mediocre driving instructors will spend more time to teach you less things. Worse, he may teach you the bad habits. It is important to build up good driving habits from good driving instructors. As habits are difficult to change, it is definitely undesirable to learn bad habits as they may stick with you for a while. When you try to reverse them, you will end up taking driving lessons from good private driving instructors. The end result will be that you would have spent a longer time and more money if you chose a cheaper and bad private driving instructor from the start. Hence, do not wait anymore. It is better to take driving lessons from good driving instructors sooner than later.

If you want to know how to find good private driving instructors in Singapore, here is a tip: approach Sglearntodrive. Sglearntodrive is an established driving match up agency that has solid reputation and has been operating for about two years. There are other driving match up agencies around, but I find Sglearntodrive being the most professional.

You can find out more about them through their website. An admin person from Sglearntodrive will contact you if you fill in an online form requesting for private driving instructors on their website.

Becoming a truly skilled driver in Singapore

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Just like any other activities, in order to become a truly skilled driver, one must make numerous practices. There are no shortcuts around this. Learner drivers should keep on taking driving lessons in Singapore till they master all the driving techniques and are able to execute any type of normal driving moves.

Let’s define what are all the driving techniques that one needs to master in order to qualify as a truly skilled driver in my opinion.

These driving techniques include:

1. Executing left turns on the road with ease
2. Executing right turns on the road with ease
3. Executing U-turns on the road with ease
4. Negotiating around sharp bends with ease
5. Changing lanes with ease
6. Executing three-points turns on the road with ease
7. Making vertical parking on the road with ease (able to park at both left and right side of the road shoulder)
8. Making parallel parking on the road with ease (able to park at both left and right side of the road shoulder)
9. Avoiding engine stalls (for manual transmission car drivers)
10. Able to drive safety on wet roads with ease, with no incidents

These 10 driving techniques may look easy but some of them are quite difficult to attain. For instance, most learner drivers are well-training to perform vertical parking and parallel parking on the left road shoulder. However, there are some Singapore roads which require the drivers to be able to park on the right road shoulder. Personally, I got my driving license without practicing parking on the right road shoulders. Hence, I failed at my first attempt at performing a parallel parking on the right road shoulder.

As some learner drivers may not encounter wet road conditions during their driving lessons, they do not have the experience and may not know how to handle driving in such situations. It depends on luck to meet these situations.

All in all, I would like to highly recommend learner drivers not to stop taking driving lessons even after obtaining their driving licenses till they truly feel they are skillful enough on the roads.

Alternative to private driving lessons in Singapore

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Apart from private driving lessons, learner drivers can take up lessons from driving instructors at the driving centers. There are three driving centers in Singapore – Singapore Safety Driving Center, Bukit Batok Driving Center, and the Ubi ComfortDelgro Driving Center.

It is an easy process to sign up for practical lessons at the driving centers. First of all, learner drivers have to head down to the driving centers to open an account with them. When an account has been made, learner drivers can register for practical lessons. Just a quick note – the driving centers are facing a huge demand for their driving lessons. It could take up to a month for learner drivers to book their next driving lessons.

Some common reasons why learner drivers want to learn from instructors at the driving centers include a systematic course structure, and the credible brand name. The driving instructors at the driving centers follow a strict course structure and every student will know exactly what they will learn in every lesson. This has a bad implication to it though – if learner drivers learn much faster than their average counterparts, they will still be forced to learn at the same rate as the others. No requests to speed up the lessons will be considered.

Last but not least, most people look at brand name when buying products and services these days. More recognized brands are trusted for their quality products and services. I believe some learner drivers choose the driving centers instead of private driving instructors because they are unsure whether the private driving instructors will be as good, given that there are not much information on private driving instructors on the internet.

Preparing for your private driving lessons in Singapore

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Before learner drivers find their Singapore private driving instructors, they should prepare themselves for the lessons, in order to fully maximize the learning process during the lessons. Learner drivers should avoid the scenario where they waste time during the driving lessons making unnecessary mistakes which could have been avoidable if they are more prepared for the lessons.

So here’s how to prepare for the private driving lessons in Singapore:

1. Recap on your driving theory. If learner drivers proceed to take their driving lessons immediately after they passed their theory tests, then they should have a much shorter time recapping the theory knowledge. In contrast, if they have a huge gap in between the driving lesson and the theory test, they may need more time to recap on those knowledge. Learner drivers should fully understand the driving theory when they come for the private driving lessons. As a result, they should comply with the road signs and properly execute the right driving techniques on the roads. For instance, they should stop their car when they see the “stop” sign. In addition, they should drive slower around the bend. These are things already taught in the theory books. Driving instructors expect their students to know these things already. Spending time to re-explain these concepts can really be time wasting as these concepts can be self-taught by reading the theory book at home.

2. Find out what to expect for the practical test. Few learner drivers know exactly what they will be tested on during the practical test. They only know the general idea that they will be tested on their driving skills on the road. However, I feel that learner drivers can go one step forward and prepare themselves more. They should know all the stations that they will need to pass during the practical test. Moreover, they should also know the activities which will give them demerit points on the roads. If they know them, they will be more careful not to make the mistakes which will cost them the demerit points.I found an e-book on which gives insights on the stations tested during the practical test. I highly recommend learner drivers to get this e-book.

Where to find Singapore private driving instructors

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Learner drivers who wish to obtain a driving license in Singapore will have to take up driving lessons with certified driving instructors in Singapore. There are two types of certified driving instructors in Singapore – private driving instructors and driving instructors from the driving centers. For the purpose of this post, we will concentrate on the former type of driving instructors.

Many learner drivers choose private driving instructors because the lessons are cheaper compared to engaging driving centers’ driving instructors. Now, where to find these private driving instructors?

Many products and services can be easily found online by doing a simple search on a search engine. In Singapore, the dominant search engines are Google and Yahoo. Just type “private driving instructors” into the search engines and you will get results. You will be able to find some match up agencies who provide the service of matching up learner drivers to private driving instructors. An example of such match up agency is Sglearntodrive which are famed for introducing Singapore’s best private driving instructors. The good thing is, these match up agencies do not charge a fee to the learner drivers for the match up service rendered.

Naturally, apart from online methods, offline methods can also be used to find the private driving instructors in Singapore. One such offline methods is to ask around your social circle for referrals. It is quite common for Singaporeans to engage private driving instructors so there is a good chance someone in your social circle have already engaged a private driving instructor in the past.

Furthermore, you can also head down to the common pick up points where private driving instructors gather. Research on some Singapore forums and you can easily find out where these pick up points are. Talk to the private driving instructors face to face and seek for his service upfront.

There might be other methods available to finding private driving instructors in Singapore. However, I think the above three methods are the most efficient.