Where to find Singapore private driving instructors

Learner drivers who wish to obtain a driving license in Singapore will have to take up driving lessons with certified driving instructors in Singapore. There are two types of certified driving instructors in Singapore – private driving instructors and driving instructors from the driving centers. For the purpose of this post, we will concentrate on the former type of driving instructors.

Many learner drivers choose private driving instructors because the lessons are cheaper compared to engaging driving centers’ driving instructors. Now, where to find these private driving instructors?

Many products and services can be easily found online by doing a simple search on a search engine. In Singapore, the dominant search engines are Google and Yahoo. Just type “private driving instructors” into the search engines and you will get results. You will be able to find some match up agencies who provide the service of matching up learner drivers to private driving instructors. An example of such match up agency is Sglearntodrive which are famed for introducing Singapore’s best private driving instructors. The good thing is, these match up agencies do not charge a fee to the learner drivers for the match up service rendered.

Naturally, apart from online methods, offline methods can also be used to find the private driving instructors in Singapore. One such offline methods is to ask around your social circle for referrals. It is quite common for Singaporeans to engage private driving instructors so there is a good chance someone in your social circle have already engaged a private driving instructor in the past.

Furthermore, you can also head down to the common pick up points where private driving instructors gather. Research on some Singapore forums and you can easily find out where these pick up points are. Talk to the private driving instructors face to face and seek for his service upfront.

There might be other methods available to finding private driving instructors in Singapore. However, I think the above three methods are the most efficient.

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