Traits of good private driving instructors in Singapore

I was a private learner driver and took up private driving lessons with a Singapore private driving instructor. I was lucky to be able to find a good private driving instructor through a Singapore private driving instructor match up agency. Hence, I passed my practical test on my first try. The quality of the driving instructor really matters a lot. There is a saying the goes, “if the mentor is good, the disciple will be good too.”

However, I have read a lot of horror stories on the internet written by learner drivers. They described their experiences of engaging mediocre instructors. While so much have been said and discussed about the qualities of bad driving instructors, I would like to point out the traits of good private driving instructors in Singapore.

1. Polite and friendly
The character of the person matters a lot. From their character and the way they treat you, you will have a sense of whether the private driving instructor genuinely cares for you. If he does, he will teach you driving techniques properly.

2. Knowledgeable
Of course, in order for the private driving instructors in Singapore to be of value, they must know their stuffs – driving knowledge and skills. A good way to see if the private driving instructor knows his stuffs is to observe his responses when you ask him driving-related questions. He should be able to respond to your questions fast, assertively, and in much detail.

3. Responsible
If the private driving instructors spot any of your mistakes, he will make it a point to rectify them. He feels responsible to train his students well. If the students learn slow, he will make them repeat the driving techniques till they get it right. He will make sure the students know how to drive a car properly in all types of situations.

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