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Make an informed decision to buy the trailer to suit your need

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Tips for buying a Trailer

Given the amount of trailer manufacturers and different types of trailers available in the market, choosing a trailer now-a-days can be quite baffling. First of all be clear about your requirements. There are many factors which should be considered while purchasing a trailer. One of the first considerations is to buy an established brand from a well-known dealer. As is true for everything, you usually get what you paid for, so try to choose the best trailer that you can afford.

Type of Trailer

Deciding on what type of trailer you need for your application will help in narrowing down the manufacturers. There are trailers for almost every conceivable type of cargo, from motorcycles to horses to concessions. Depending on your hauling need, we would have at least one that can easily be converted to do the job.

After choosing a manufacturer, figure out what size trailer you'll need. Trailers come in several different widths and lengths.
The next step in choosing a trailer is figuring out whether you will need an open or an enclosed trailer. An open trailer is one which exposes the cargo to the outside elements. If your cargo is something which is not affected by the weather, then an open trailer may be the most economical choice. Open utility trailers can range in price from about $900 to $2500 new.

Open Utility Trailers

Utility TrailersOpen utility trailers are well suited for many applications including small landscaping businesses that are just starting out and need a way to haul their landscape equipment. As your business grows and you decide to move up to an enclosed trailer, the open utility trailer will still be incredibly useful to you for hauling all sorts of material such as mulch, rock and plants.

Another plus for open trailers is their weight. Open utility trailers tend to be lighter and provide less aerodynamic drag than enclosed trailers.

Enclosed Trailer

Corgo TrailersWhile open trailers are economical and very useful, they do not provide the protection from the outside environment that an enclosed trailer will. Enclosed cargo trailers also offer an added measure of security because the trailer functions as a portable, lockable storage building.

If it is an enclosed trailer that you decide to buy, you'll also need to consider the height of the interior. If your trailer towing needs require that you spend very much time inside the trailer, choose one with enough interior height to keep you from bending your neck or back when standing.

Enclosed trailers tend to be heavier and less aerodynamic than open trailers. Enclosed trailers usually cost in the $1600 to $5000 range new, but can go much higher.

Single or Tandem Axle

Once you've decided on either an open utility trailer or an enclosed cargo trailer, you'll need to decide whether the trailer should have a single axle, dual axle or possibly even three to four axles.

trailer brakes Single axle trailers have just one load bearing axle. Trailers with single axles come with and without brakes, but as a general rule of thumb, most single axle open and enclosed trailers come without brakes. If you plan on hauling more than 3000 lbs, trailer brakes need to be considered. In fact, it's a legal requirement in most states.

Anything heavier than 3000 lbs should be hauled on a dual axle trailer, be it an open or enclosed trailer. Dual axle trailers use two load bearing axles and usually feature either leaf springs or independent torsion bar suspensions. Brakes are recommended for dual axle trailers and again may be required depending upon where you live. Also, dual axle trailers tend to track more accurately than single axle trailers over varying road surfaces.

Rear Ramp Door

Motorcycle TrailerIf you decide on an enclosed trailer, next you have to decide on either a ramp rear door, double rear doors or one single barn-type door. Choosing the type of rear access will greatly depend on the cargo you intend to haul. A ramp rear door will provide the easiest loading and unloading method for your motorcycle trailer or a race car trailer or any other type vehicle. Be sure though when purchasing a trailer with a ramp door that the ramp is spring assisted as some of the ramp doors can be very heavy. Ramps are also nice for hauling furniture or other heavy items where you'll be using a dolly to load and unload them.

Double Door Trailers

If you will be using the trailer quite often and will be in and out of it, then a ramp can become rather cumbersome. Enter double door trailers. It is much easier to open the doors, step in and get the tool or item you need and then step out and close the door than it is to drop a ramp every time you need access. Too, you have to consider the clearance needed for opening a ramp rear door.

Single barn type rear doors are usually found on smaller enclosed trailers and are comparable in convenience to double rear doors.

Trailer manufacturers are aware of the ramp issue and most now add a side door for access to their enclosed trailers giving those that require a ramp the best of both worlds.

Informed buying

The most important aspect of buying a trailer is to be an informed buyer. Ask lots of questions. Any reputable dealer will be glad to answer your questions and in fact, should ask you a lot of questions regarding your intended cargo load. Ask about the warranty. Does the manufacturer stand behind its work? Most established manufacturers offer a very good warranty program and will go out of their way to satisfy a customer.

To help you in your search for the perfect trailer for you and your cargo, try to visit all the pages of our website. Familiarize yourself with variety of trailers and the options and take your time to take an informed decision.

Through our nationwide network of dealers and manufacturers, we are into selling any and all types of trailers that you can think of. Cost of delivery from Savannah, Georgia is $1.35 per mile one way, prepaid in advance. We have over 200 trailers in stock at all times and all trailers are available in a variety of colors.

We can also design and build custom utility trailer to suit your requirements. Call toll free 800-841-1102 or contact us today.

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