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"Deck Over" design to give you 100% use of the bed for hauling

Deckover Trailers Savannah, Georgia

Deckover Trailers

Deckover Trailers


Are you searching for deck over trailers for your business or individual use? Our high-quality deck over trailers for sale are the perfect solution for all your hauling projects. Our deck over trailers are specifically designed to last under the most severe conditions. Most of all, it is built from the highest quality materials. Our Deckover Trailer features safety chains, a utility hitch, fold up ramps and even a utility jack.

Contact us today at: 800-841-1102 for a free quote on our Deck Over Trailers for Sale. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be glad to assist you further.

The Deckover trailer is a tough trailer. The deck is positioned over the wheels instead of between them. This "Deck Over" design gives you 100% use of the bed for hauling tractors, equipment, and almost anything. The deck is 34'' off the ground, giving you plenty of clearance when you are traveling over rough or uneven ground.

These all purpose trailers fit most agricultural, industrial, and landscape needs. Big, wide, and flat, they stand up to any medium and heavy duty hauling.

Deckover trailers are perfect for roof tear-offs and other large clean-up jobs. They are capable of hauling up to 12, 000 pounds (6 tons) so you can use them for hauling almost anything.

Our Deckover Trailers are tail along flat beds which have double hinge for mesh or folding ladder ramps.

Deckover (12, 000GVWR)

Standard Features
Available in 12, 16, 1nd 20 foot lengths
12 foot comes with 5200 lb axles
16 foot comes with 6000 lb axles
20 foot comes with 7000 lb axles
All have treated wood decks, 2 or more foot dovetail
16 inch 8 lug 10 ply tires (with exception of 12 foot)
Electric brakes on all axles


Utility Jack

Fold up Ramps Safety Chains Utility Hitch
Utility Jack
Fold up Ramps
Safety Chains
Utility Hitch

Through our nationwide network of dealers and manufacturers, we are into selling any and all types of trailers that you can think of. The delivery for trailer is available at the going rate. We have over 200 trailers in stock at all times and all trailers are available in a variety of colors. We can also design and build custom utility trailer to suit your requirements.

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