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Delivery is $2.00 per mile from Savannah, Ga.31405 This is per loaded mile one way , the you may mapquest from 31405 to your zipcode to get delivery charges. The rate applies to one trailer or up to A 50 foot load of trailers going to one location.

We deliver cars and trailers in some parts of the Southeast. Call 800 841-1102 for more information.

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Heavy duty Gas Powered Winches from Milemarker

Portable hydraulic winch with the winch mate

Gas Powered Winches

From rescue operations to hunters retrieving large game to off road adventures in the wilderness, a gas powered winch is the right choice being compact, powerful and portable. This gasoline powered winch is a portable, self contained unit that can go anywhere.When you're out in the woods or down in a creek and a vehicle mounted winch is unavailable, this unit is the choice. With the use of a snatch block, the portable winch is able to move up to 3,600 lbs load.

Gas powered winches that are able to pull heavy loads are also available with us. The advantage of a gas powered hydraulic winch is that you can pull loads long distances or continually without overheating the motor or loss of pulling power.

For rescue workers, hunters, boat yard workers, and anyone needing a strong dependable winch in a tough to reach spot, the gas powered winch is the perfect answer.

Gas Powered Winch Models

Portable platform winch
Portble hydraulic winch
The hitch mounted hydraulic winch

Hydraulic winch with fast line speed
Gas powered winch alond withe the winch mate
Light weight gas powered winch

Through our nationwide network of dealers and manufacturers, we are selling all types of Milemarker winches at the going rate.

Call toll free 800-841-1102
or contact us today.

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