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Propositions of driving match up agencies in Singapore

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What are driving match up agencies in Singapore, and what do they do?

If you have not taken any driving lessons in Singapore, chances are that you will not know about these driving match up agencies in Singapore. Driving match up agencies do niche marketing to learner drivers.

Driving match up agencies are Singapore agencies that operate with the sole purpose of matching up learner drivers to private driving instructors. Most of them carry out their operations with only a website and a mobile phone. No physical presence is needed. For example, no physical shops and stalls to entertain walk-in customers.

Learner drivers who are looking for private driving instructors will come across them on the internet, in the form of banner advertisements or search results. For instance, learner drivers will chance upon SGLearnToDrive on the internet when they search for Singapore private driving instructors.

There are a lot of driving match up agencies with the same propositions:

1. Able to provide learner drivers with suitable private driving instructors within two days.
2. First lesson with the private driving instructors will be immediately confirmed upon payment of the registration fee. Currently, the registration fee is $60.
3. If the learner drivers find the instructors unsuitable, they can request for a change. Usually, change of instructors are carried out without the learner drivers having to pay a second registration fee to the second driving instructor.
4. The services of the driving match up agencies are free of charge! No payments to the driving match up agencies are required.
5. The private driving instructors are certified and registered with the driving centers.

For zero service fee, the driving match up agencies will be able to provide learner drivers with private driving instructors free-of-charge! It is definitely a good deal. Learner drivers can either find the instructors themselves or seek the help of these agencies, at the same cost. It is not difficult to find out the smart choice.