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Simple to use heavy duty equipment tilt bed trailers at lowest prices

Tilt Bed Trailers Savannah, Georgia

Tilt Bed Trailers

Tilt Bed Equipment Trailers


Our durable is Tilt Bed Trailers designed to handle your most demanding work load. If you’re searching for quality Tilt Trailers for Sale, you have come to the right place. We have the Tilt Bed Trailers you’ve been searching for. Most of all, we carry top-of-the-line bed equipment trailers that are made from the highest quality. Plus, we have tilt-bed standard features and a variety of options.

Have questions about a Tilt Car Trailer or any of our Tilt Trailers for Sale? Contact us today at: 800-841-1102 or contact us online today. We’re happy to supply you with all your Tilt Trailer needs.

All of our tilt bed equipment trailers are of the highest quality with tilt-bed standard features and a variety of options.

All our tilt-bed trailers come standard with rear impact guards, sealed wiring harness, oak decking, x-bracing, 11°-14° loading angle when tilted, and come in 5-26 ton tilt bed models with various bed widths and lengths.

Multimax suspension is the most important feature of our Multi-max tilt bed trailers. This system allows easy alignment adjustment with only a few basic tools and can be performed on site without ever having to take the trailer in for maintenance. Multi-Max axles used in these tilt bed trailers are made of one piece solid steel bars and thereby provide greater strength. All our tilt bed trailers come equipped with electric brake systems that can easily be adapted to any towing vehicle.

The Mini-Max Tilt-Bed Trailers have mini-max suspension and their full width bed provides unparalleled flexibility to these Equipment trailers for hauling different pieces of equipment that ordinarily will not fit on equipment trailers with fenders.

The Super-max Tilt Bed Trailer has the most powerful suspension with easy alignment, greater bearing capacity and stronger axles allowing this equipment trailer to handle the toughest loads and the roughest terrain with ease.

Flexibility of the four axle independent suspension system provides better security in off road or difficult situations. We have a wide range of equipment tilt beds and utility tilt beds which can handle any type of landscape, construction or equipment hauling.

Choose your tilt bed trailer from the following:

Mini Max Tilt with independent axles

Mini Max Tilt Bed

Available as 5 & 6 ton Models with independent axles and electric brakes

Multi-Purpose Tilt with pintle type bed

Multi-Purpose Tilt Bed

7 Ton model with pintle type bed 2 commercial grade axles

Multi-Max Tilt for heavy duty equipment hauling

Multi-Max Tilt Bed

12 Ton model with 2 independent axle with 5000# capacity each

Landscape Tilt bed  for medium size hauling

Landscape Tilt Bed

Available as 6 Ton & 7 Ton Models with 2 Commercial grade axles

Super Max Tilt Bed for heavy hauling

Super Max Tilt Bed

16 Ton Model with pintle type bed

Heavy Duty Dual Tandem Tilt

Heavy Duty Dual Tandem

Available as 12, 20, 24, 26 Ton models

Also check out the Gooseneck Tilt-Bed Trailers

Through our nationwide network of dealers and manufacturers, we are into selling any and all types of trailers that you can think of. The delivery for trailer is available at the going rate. We have over 200 trailers in stock at all times and all trailers are available in a variety of colors. We can also design and build custom utility trailer to suit your requirements.

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