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You can tow almost any vehicle with an adjustable secure tow dolly

Tow Dollies

A tow dolly is a two-wheel trailer coupled to the motor-home for transporting a car or any other vehicle with two of the vehicle's wheels off the ground. Driven up the dolly ramps, two wheels of the towed vehicle rest on the dolly and the other two wheels are on the ground. You can tow almost any vehicle with an adjustable secure tow dolly except certain rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

We have three Tow Dolly models along with many options and outfits to meet all your towing needs. Select the one that perfectly matches your specific towing requirements. The list of standard features of our tow dollies is quite long to set them apart from other tow dollies available in the market.


Tow dolly for small cars Tow dolly for vans and trucks
For towing small to mid-size cars.
Max towed vehicle gross wt 4.500 lbs. (towed vehicle tread width 40" - 77")

Model 77T
For towing small to full-size cars,
vans & trucks.
Max towed vehicle gross wt 4.750 lbs. (towed vehicle tread width 40" - 80")

Model 80THD

Through our nationwide network of dealers and manufacturers, we are into selling any and all types of trailers that you can think of. The delivery for trailer is available at the going rate. We have over 200 trailers in stock at all times and all trailers are available in a variety of colors.

We can also design and build custom utility trailer to suit your requirements. Call toll free 800-841-1102 or contact us today.

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